solutions of ATHLE - QUIZ



1. Compared to the shot, how much does a hammer for men weigh ?

as much

2. At what date was the hammer throw for women introduced in great championships ?


3. Who is the current world record holder among women ?

Mihaela Melinte

4. How far is the current men world record ?


5. Which American beat 6 times the world record between 1956 and 1965, before the European athletes trust this event ?

Harold Connolly

6. How much does a heavy hammer thrown indoor by men weigh ?

15,880 kg

7. Which German thrower beat in 1975 3 times the world record in the same series, all 6 throws being longer than the previous world record ?

Karl-Heinz Riehm

8. Who was world champion in 1999 in Sevilla ?

Karsten Kobs

9. Who was the first athlete to throw further than 80 meters ?

Boris Zaychuk

10. In which French town does each year take place a great meeting exclusively dedicated to hammer throw ?



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