solutions of ATHLE - QUIZ

EVENTS : high jump


1. What is the name of the most common clearing technique ?


2. What is the current women world record ?


3. Which famous sovietic jumper saw his career suddenly interrupted by a motorcycle accident ?

Valeriy Brumel 

4. In which stadium did Dwight Stones clear for the first time 2m30?


5. How much time is allowed to jump ?

1 and half minute

6. At what height were the first Olympic Games won in 1896 ?


7. Who was the first woman to clear 2 meters?

Rosemarie Ackermann

8. Which high jumper jumped the highest compared to her height ?

Niki Bakoyanni

9. What is the first name of Paklin, who held the world record back in 1985 ?


10. What height did Jackie Joyner-Kersee clear in her heptathlon world record in Indianapolis ?



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