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1. Which one of these countries is not included in Maghreb ?


2. In what speciality do the athletes from Maghreb have the best results ?

middle distance running

3. Which athlete of North-African origin won in 1956 the marathon Olympic title for France ?

Alain Mimoun

4. Which Algerian athlete took Said Aouita's 1500 m world record ?

Noureddine Morceli 

5. Who was the first North-African athlete to win an Olympic title for a country from Maghreb ?

Mohamed Gammoudi 

6. Which female Moroccan runner won the 400 meters hurdles of the Los Angeles Olympic Games ?

Nawal El Mutawakil 

7. Where is the favourite training place of Moroccan athletes located ?


8. Where did the 1989 Mediterranean Games take place ?


9. Which male Algerian jumper presently holds the African Record fo high jump ?

Abderahmane Hammad 

10. Which Tunisian athlete won in 1999 the decathlon African title ?

Anis Riahi


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