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ATHLETES : Carl Lewis

1. Thanks to the disqualification of what sprinter did he win the 100 m of the Seoul Olympic Games ?

Ben Johnson Linford Christie Calvin Smith

2. In which club did he run all his career long ?

Santa Monica Track Club (SMTC) University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Nike International

3. When did he win 4 olympic gold medals ?

1984 1988 1992

4. When was Carl Lewis born ?

1959 1961 1963

5. What title did he win at the Olympic games of Atlanta in 1996 ?

4 x 100 meters long jump 100 meters

6. What is his second name after Carl ?

Alfred Calvin Jefferson Wilbur

7. What is the first name of his sister, an international class long jumper ?

Carol Cindy Clara Connie

8. How many olympic titles did he win in long jump ?

1 2 3 4

9. What is his personal best (regular conditions) at long jump ?

8m78 8m87 8m91 8m95

10. Where did he run the last race of his career in 1997 ?

meeting of Zürich World Championships in Athens Texas Southern Relays meeting of Eugene


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