1. Where did the 1996 Olympic Games take place ?

Barcelona Athens Atlanta

2. In what month did these Olympic Games end ?

July August September

3. Which male athlete realized a 200-400 m double in these Olympic Games ?

Michael Johnson Maurice Greene Ato Boldon

4. On what distances did the Russian Svetlana Masterkova realize her double ?

800-1500 m 1500-5000 m 5000-10 000 m

5. On which of these men distances was no world record beaten ?

100 m 200 m 400 m

6. For what reason was Linford Christie not able to defend his 100 m Olympic title ?

suspended for doping groin injurydisqualified for 2 false starts non-qualifier in semi-final for 1/100th of second

7. Which Syrian athlete won the heptathlon ?

Ha´da Gaddah Ghada Shouaa Gandar Shaba Sarah Gouda

8. Who was last in the men 1500 m final ?

Noureddine Morceli Said Aouita Hicham El Guerrouj Mohamed Suleiman

9. What height realized all 3 medallists of men pole vault ?

5m86 5m90 5m92 5m95

10. After which event did Jackie Joyner-Kersee quit heptathlon ?

100 m hurdles high jump 200 m long jump


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