1. When did the World Championships take place in Tokyo ?

1991 1993 1995

2. In what event do Japanese athletes regularly illustrate ?

800 m marathon decathlon

3. I what city did the Indoor World Championships take place in 1999 ?

Nagoya Osaka Maebashi

4. What is the name of the relay invented by the Japanese which is run on the total distance of a marathon (42,195 km) ?

Ekiden Nippothlon Shinkansen

5. Which sprinter was the star of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 ?

Armin Hary Bob Hayes Jim Hines

6. Where does the most famous Japanese marathon take place ?

Nagasaki Fukuoka Sapporo Okinawa

7. In what event did 2 Japanese athlete realise the double 1-2 at the 1936 Olympic Games ?

400 m 10 000 m marathon triple jump

8. What is the name of the hammer throwers family from which both father and son held the national hammer record ?

Fujimori Hayashi Murofushi Sushi

9. Which Japanese female marathon runner won 2 medals at the Olymoic Games of 1992 and 1996 ?

Tomoe Abe Yuko Arimori Ari Ichihashi Eri Yamaguchi

10. With what mark did Chuhei Nambu hold the triple jump world record from 1932 to 1935 ?

15m72 15m85 15m98 16m22


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