solutions of ATHLE - QUIZ

EVENTS : heptathlon


1. Which African athlete was recently naturalized before winning the world title in 1999 ?

Eunice Barber

2. Which athlete currently owns the heptathlon world record ?

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

3. Which combined event did the heptathlon replace ?


4. Which one of these throws is not part of an heptathlon ?

discus throw 

5. How many trials in long jump can an athlete do ?


6. What is the last event of an heptathlon ?

800 meters

7. What is maximum authorized wind speed in order to homologate a record ?

4 m/s

8. How many athletes have already obtained more than 7000 points ?

9. At what occasion was the current world record established ?

Olympic Games 

10. How many points would a 2m00 high jump allow to mark ?



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