solutions of ATHLE - QUIZ



1. Which nation won all men team world champion titles since 1986 ?

le Kenya

2. In what season do the European Championships take place ?


3. How many consecutive world champion titles did Paul Tergat win ?


4. On what distance does the "short" cross race take place ?

4 kms

5. What was the name of the competition that preceeded the present World Championships ?

Cross of Nations

6. How many world champion titles are distributed each year when counting all events ?


7. Which women is the 2000 world champion for the "long" race ?

Derartu Tulu

8. Durant what period did the Olympic Games include an individual title in cross-country?


9. Who won the first official world champion title back in 1972 ?

Gaston Roelants

10. What American was twice in a row world champion in 1980 and 1981?

Craig Virgin 


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