solutions of ATHLE - QUIZ



1. How many nations contest each year the final of this European Cup ?


2. Which one of these events is not held in the European Cup ?

20 km men walk

3. With what frequency is the European Cup contested ?

each year

4. What is the official name of the European Cup ?

Bruno Zauli

5. What was the best place obtained by the French masculine team ?


6. When was the first edition held ?

1965 (in Stuttgart)

7. Which athlete, by contesting 4 events, allowed Romania to finish 2nd in the women Cup in 1999 ?

Ionela Tirlea

8. Who is the official sponsor of European Cup ?


9. How many wins does Linford Christie count (including relays) ?


10. Who holds the best high jump mark in the European Cup ?

Patrick Sj÷berg


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