1. Which cuban high jumper is presently the world record holder ?

Freddy Mayola Hector Garcia Javier Sotomayor

2. What island does Ato Boldon come from ?

Barbados Jamaica Trinidad

3. Which of these islands does not belong to Caribbean ?

Saint-Helen Saint-Lucie Saint-Vincent

4. Which triple jumper from Dominica recently obtained the French nationality ?

Serge Helan Jerome Romain Ronald Servius

5. In what event did the cuban athlete Ana Fidelia Quirot win fame ?

100 meters 800 meters 400 meters hurdles

6. What island is designed by the abbreviation STK ?

Saint-Kelvin Saint-Kitts Stanwick Sarawak

7. What is the name of the association responsible for Caribbean Athletics ?


8. In what event did a Caribbean athlete win for the first time an Olympic title ?

100 meters 400 meters 800 meters long jump

9. How old was Jamaican Merlene Ottey when she won her first Olympic medal ?

16 18 20 23

10. Who is the athletics statistician specialist for Caribbean ?

Bernard Linley Peter Matthews Roberto Avila Scott Davis


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