1. In what country did the Indoor European Championsjips take place in mars 2000 ?

Belgium Netherlands Germany

2. Who beat the European Record of heptathlon at the European Championships ?

Frank Busemann Tomas Dvorak Erki Nool

3. Which Russian runner has beaten the junior world record of 800 m in Dortmund with 1'44"35?

Ivan Bogdanov Yuriy Barzakovskiy Vyacheslav Shabunin

4. Which world record was beaten at the US Championships ?

pentathlon 400 m men pole vault women

5. With what time did Wilson Kipketer beat the 1000 m world record ?

2'15"25 2'16"49 2'18"04

6. At the European Championships, which nation was second behind Russia at the Medals table ?

France Czech Republic Bulgaria Sweden

7. What is the nationality of Myles-Mill, 60 m winner at the meetings of Lievin and Stockholm ?

British Australian Bahamean Ghanean

8. Which American sprinters did both beat the 200 m national record with 20"26 ?

Marsh and Brokenburr Greene and M. Johnson Crawford and Capel Collins and Miller

9. Where did Bubka come back after 17 months of absence ?

Lievin Dortmund Valencia Gent

10. What height did Stacy Dragila try after beating the pole vault world record with 4m61 ?

4m80 4m80 4m90 5m


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