solutions of ATHLE - QUIZ



1. Where did the Grand Prix final take place early October ?

Doha (Qatar)

2. Who won the Grand Prix final standing among women ?

Trine Hattestad 

3. In which IAAF category is rated the Rieti meeting ?

Grand Prix 2

4. How many Golden League meetings did an athlete need to win in order to earn the jackpot ?


5. What was the only world record beaten this year in a  Grand Prix meeting ?

javelin women

6. Which great meeting was held on August 18th ?


7. What performance did Ngeny Noah realize to win the 1500 m of Grand Prix final ?


8. How many athletes shared the 50 kg of gold from the Golden League after the Berlin meeting ?


9. Who won the men's shot putt at the Grand Prix final ?

Andy Bloom

10. How many throws over 70 m did the Lituanian Alekna realize at the discus throw in Zürich meeting ?


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