1. Which country did win the team world champion title in both men long and short distances ?

Ethiopia Morocco Kenya

2. Where did the World Championships take place ?

Portugal Slovenia Russia

3. Who won the IAAF cross challenge among men ?

Mohamed Mourhit Paul Tergat Assefa Mezegebu

4. With how many seconds to spare did Mohamed Mourhit became world champion ?

1 5 11 35 

5. What was the nationality of the junior man world champion ?

Kenyan Portuguese Tanzanian

6. Where will / did the European Championships take place in December 2000 ?

Malmoe Helsinki Hamburg Verone

7. Which athlete won in Algiers the military title in February ?

Driss Maazouzi Mohamed Ezzher Driss El Himer Mustapha Essaid

8. Who won the world title in women cross, short distance ?

Margaret Ngotho Kutre Dulecha Zahra Ouaziz Paula Radcliffe

9. Which Ethipian female runner won successively the races of IAAF challenge in Santiponce and Durham in January ?

Derartu Tulu Gete Wami Ayelech Worku

10. At what place did the first European finish at the World Championships, men short distance (4 km), won by John Kibowen ?

2nd 5th 10th 19th


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